Agriculture is a driving force in the Hudson Valley, and a way of life for our many family-owned farms.  Our farms are celebrated for producing the finenst fruits, vegetables, meats and farm products.  On any given day, during any given season, you can cultivate fond memories of picking your own seasonal harvest, being charmed by furry farm friends, or cooking meals with local items you picked up at a Farmers Market, store or road-side stand.

Plan your visit to one of Dutchess county's Farms where you can plant the seeds fo your next story, or drop by a Farm Store for a selection of products gorwn and made right here in the Hudson Valley.

Dutchess County offers farm-to-table eating at its best!

Look for This logo in our Restaurants listings that offer farm-to-table options.

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The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) was the first and only school of its kind in the United States. Originally opened in New Haven, Connecticut in 1946, the college’s cofounders dreamt of a school that would become “the culinary center of the nation.” In 1972, the CIA moved to the heart of the Hudson Valley in New York State i...

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